Improving Flow State and maximizing Productivity


Being in a mental flow state means you are able to focus on the task in front of you with little distraction. You experience a sense of calmness and happiness. It’s a state where you are most creative and productive.

In today’s work environment, it is almost impossible to achieve this state. Distraction is the norm, from colleagues that keep asking the same questions over and over again to processes that are totally disorganised.  

Flow is how you get things done. Combining a state of mental flow with automated processes, transforms your organization, bringing about a wholly unified business environment. 

It can help produce a new work-life balance that many desire to achieve.

The inclusion of an automated workflow like CICOD Workflow Manager ensures continuous flow with little disruption to daily operations. 

The easy implementation makes work much less stressful, enabling a happier work environment.

Workflow Automation Makes Jobs Flow Easier

Automating repetitive tasks can help increase efficiency, reduce errors and increase revenues. A software tool specifically programmed to complete the processes involved in the manual tasks saves time personally and for the business.

Benefits of Automating Processes

Automating processes makes methods to completing tasks more accurate and efficient. It reduces project bottlenecks and human error, boosting team productivity. In addition, workflow automation provides transparency, visibility to all involved in a project, enabling scalability, and cost savings.

What Can Automated Workflow Do For You?

Assure No Steps Are Lost

Critical steps are sometimes left undone or forgotten, abandoning associated projects at the midpoint. By automating processes with workflow software, you can prevent this from taking place, ensuring all manual processes are included and none left out

Everyone Stays in the Loop

Regardless of one’s business sector, keeping everyone involved in a project up to date can be challenging, but it is essential for project success. Automation helps decrease the chances of someone being left out of the loop.

Assure Accountability

In the absence of business systems, activities can become disorganized, making it difficult to know who is responsible for which tasks. 

Automation allows you and your team to be aware of those involved, potential problems with any functions, and if there is anyone not carrying their weight. This enables trust and everyone to be responsible to the team and encourages collaboration between team members.

Ability to Track Tasks

It’s easy to forget daily tasks when we are all responsible for so many things at once. CICOD Workflow Manager helps you visualize and break down the jobs that need to be completed and list the deadlines. It also allows team members to get a full picture of how their tasks contribute to the overall project’s success. Most people find a sense of value and happiness knowing their work is worthwhile and appreciated by their colleagues.

Seeing Performance Analytics

To keep on track, the team needs to have the ability to evaluate a project’s status and results. Workflow automation enables everyone to review the project, follow best practices and depict possible problem areas.

Develop, Change and Scale

Processes are bound to change, hence to keep there must be a system in place that enables easy update, allowing scalability as well. The inclusion of an automated workflow like CICOD Workflow Manager ensures continuous flow with little disruption to daily operations

Speed Up Data Collection

In today’s data-driven world, it is vital to have logic-enabled forms that capture the essential data for every project with a sense of trust and reliability. Within  CICOD Workflow Manager is the form creation capability for external use (the public which can be embedded on websites or internal use amongst team members.

Create Workflows Best for Your Team

Flexibility is the name of the game. Rigid, inflexible ways of doing business are long gone, and new workflows that move along with your business as it grows are the new way of doing business.

Integrates with All Systems

Workflow automation available these days integrate with quite a wide range of systems to further improve flow. The easy implementation makes work much less stressful, enabling a happier work environment.

In conclusion, for businesses to manage this digital age, digital workflow systems must be enabled for all processes, so that a better flow state can be experienced for both employees and business operation as a whole.

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