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Giving Effective Feedback to your Team

In order for a team to respond well to feedback, it is first important for a leader to have already established a pattern of consistent encouragement and coaching.


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Internal Training for the month on Basic and Advance Excel Training

Crown Wellness Program

We are back & Better!
Join the Health Gang Team for Crown Virtual Wellness Program A.K.A Time Out for Your Body

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CICOD Merchant

Connect with resellers, find suppliers and trade together.


Trade with other businesses, discover new products to sell and grow your business

Customer Order Management

Create, automate and track customer orders seamlessly

Bringing together product and customer data to manage the life cycle of goods coming in and out of the company.


Get real-time visibility into every customer order

Maintaining an accurate view of inventory and being responsive to customer orders is essential to any business. Orders come in from all channels – online, phone, in store. Being able to quickly see all orders, across all channels, and take action is essential to maximizing customer promises and reducing the financial impacts of lost or non-productive inventory.

Inventory Management System

Manage and track inventory real time, all in one place

Avoid excess stock – get better visibility on your inventory and assets across one or multiple warehouses

Workflow manager

Workflow automation is taking over, which isn’t a big surprise. By automating critical operations, we take collaboration to a new level. Tasks move effortlessly from person-to-person, system-to-system, to the cloud and back, without errors or inefficiency.

Unified Colloction Gateway

Collect and review revenue collections from different payment channels

Easily assess data on all types transaction from multiple payment channels all from one simple dashboard

What is Unified Collections Gateway?

Otherwise known as UCG, is a software application that enables real-time aggregation of revenue collections from different payment channels. CICOD UCG is ideal for any business collecting revenue via multiple channels. It allows the monitoring of activities taken to recover customer debts and providing detailed financial audit trail and access to funds both in cash or bank accounts.

Energy Management Control Center
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KPI Dashboard on Saas WFM

The KPI dashboard is a visual display of key performance indicators (KPIs) of all the workflows that belong to departments in an organization.

The implementation of this feature is in progress.

Offline Viewing and Updating Tickets on Saas WFM Mobile

This offline mode functionality will allow users to view and update tickets even when they don’t have an internet connection.

The implementation of this feature is in progress.

Form Analytics on WFM Saas

With the Form Analytics Feature Users will be able to view and know the performance of their forms created. (The total number of usersthat viewed the form, responses gotten, form entries region)