How Digitization can help Retain Top Talent


One of the most crucial points for businesses is attracting and retaining top talent. Without great talent, companies can’t flourish and grow. It’s that simple. And the problem has gotten much worse over the last few years.

The pandemic isn’t the root cause but has fueled the impact as workers have proven that one’s physical location shouldn’t matter, especially for knowledge workers. As a result, employees are being aggressively recruited by companies who make one’s location a non-factor. So how can companies compete against this?

CICOD Workflow Manager, Provide them a sense of ownership and make workflow improvement part of your work culture.

Make it fun for employees to take ownership and grow their personal franchise. 

How digitizing key workflows can help

While it’s hard to compete with companies that double one’s compensation, digitizing key workflows can help employees stay engaged and more rooted with their current employers. While some employees are purely motivated by salary, others are intrinsically motivated.

Factors such as relationships at work and control over their work environment can have an astounding effect on engagement and retention. Increasingly, employees want a say in how their work is performed.

They want a seat at the table, and the workforce is increasingly becoming technology savvy.

In many parts of the world, Baby Boom Generation, those born between 1944 and 1946 are retiring and being replaced. The Millennial generation comprises approximately 35% of the workforce in the U.S., representing the largest working generation. And his percent will go up.

This generation wants far more control of their work environment. They have the technical skills to adopt new technology to make that environment better.

The oldest millennials are not reaching 40 years of age, meaning that many are in the management ranks. They understand their cohorts and the need for creating an environment that keeps people committed.

Digitization platforms, such as CICOD Workflow Manager, comprise a no-code platform that makes it easy for workers to design and build digitized workflows.

But, unfortunately, there are still so many manual processes in companies of all sizes that slow companies down by adding excessive steps.

Failing to keep the right people in the know, introducing errors, boring workers to tears, and worst of all, poor customer satisfaction.

There are four key business benefits in digitizing workflows

Sense of Ownership

It signals to employees that you care about them. Grant them a seat at the table in designing the workflow and provide them with the right tools, such as CICOD Workflow Manager, Provide them a sense of ownership and make workflow improvement part of your work culture.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation assists in the quest for constant improvement. What one can measure and report gets improved upon. Make it fun for employees to take ownership and grow their personal franchise by learning and applying new skills using an intuitive platform

Positive Work Environment

With improvement on what matters, companies grow, and profitability is maximized. Employees see the benefits of their work and the opportunities for advancement. The key to retention is not forcing people to conform but creating a positive work environment to flourish and grow and be accountable for achievement using systems and metrics they help create.

Leadership Team

When companies operate more efficiently, the leadership team can spend less time correcting issues and more time leading the business strategically and being out in front of customers. Everyone wins, including the employees, the management team, and, best of all, one’s customers.

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