How To Save Time And Increase Work Productivity


Every business owner wants to get more out of each day. Unfortunately, willpower has a limited shelf life, and it will take you only so far. Attempting to squeeze too much into an already jam-packed schedule will just result in less work productivity and time wastage in the long run.

Of course, entrepreneurs are ambitious individuals who typically take on more than they can handle. It is nevertheless possible to hack your way towards increased work productivity.

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Read on to discover effective ways to save time and increase productivity at work.

Stop Spending Time On Low-Value Tasks

When you free yourself from low-level chores, you have the opportunity to focus attention on just a few things and make significant contributions to your company’s success and your personal well-being.

How do you achieve this?


  •         Learn to Delegate Tasks

The easiest and most frequent problem to overcome is this one. We frequently feel compelled to do everything ourselves, but doing so can be harmful and often leads to decreased work productivity.

Smart and productive leaders realize that one of their most valuable assets is the team they have at their disposal. Leaders may free up time by assigning activities to workers based on their skill sets.

When you aren’t distracted by little details and menial chores, you’ll be able to do more of the things that are truly important. High-level work, such as business development, strategy sessions, and project management.

Not only that, but your work will be of a much higher standard. When you’re overworked and tense, your performance typically drops. Assignments are completed hurriedly, gaps in communication develop, and deadlines are missed.

Start small by delegating the tiniest jobs and work your way up gradually. The CICOD Workflow manager makes task delegation easier. You can easily select tasks you need done and assign yourself or another colleague. Find out more here. Take tiny steps, but understand that if you want your team to succeed, you must progress as well.


  •         Recognize Your “Time Wasters.”

We spend so much of our time at work that it’s a minefield of distractions. We’re constantly harassed with potential time-wasters, such as email, Slack, text messages, social notifications, mobile alerts, and loud coworkers.

Eliminating distractions-as many as possible can have a massive impact on your work output and mental wellbeing. Consider the naysayers you may get rid of instead of focusing only on what you should be doing more effectively.

One important factor is how much time you are spending on social media. Are you spending too much time perusing your social networking sites?  If so, perhaps you should cap the amount of time you spend there each day.

Increase Work Productivity By Doing One Thing At A Time

Our capacity to focus on what’s in front of us is restricted. Our brain is bombarded with information every second-including sights, sounds, words, ideas, to-dos, and more. It can only handle a certain amount of input at a time.

It’s well-known that multitasking makes us less productive in other ways. It has been demonstrated that multitasking affects our memory, we’re more likely to switch into autopilot mode, which reduces our capacity to remember.

One fascinating study carried out by Timothy Wilson at the University of Virginia revealed that our brain receives 11 million “bits” of information every second but can only process 40 of them.

We must prioritize our limited attention carefully by:


·         Focusing on one thing at a time

There’s a lot of truth to the idea that working on one thing for a long time can be dull. However, constraints are extremely beneficial in encouraging creativity. When you do two things at once, your attention will be divided. This makes it more likely that you’ll enter the state of flow-the mental clarity and energy you experience when doing significant and difficult tasks.

Flow is not only pleasant, but it’s 500 per cent more productive than when you try to accomplish many things at once.

The truth is, the brain has limits. When you sit through the discomfort of single-tasking, you can unlock your brain’s full potential too. It pushes you to explore further, increase work productivity and discover outcomes, ways, and alternatives that you hadn’t considered before.

In conclusion,

Productivity isn’t about how busy we are or how fast we work; it’s about how much stuff we get done. And the most efficient method to increase work productivity is to spend less time on low-value tasks and perform only one thing at a time.

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