Simplify task management with all-in-one solution

Boost productivity, reduce errors and get your team focused on what’s important with CICOD Workflow Manager ( WFM )

Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry with Technology-Driven Growth, Unmatched Guest Experiences, and Resilience

Simplify and Automate your Hospitality Processes, Enhancing Productivity and Minimizing Errors. Empower Your Team to Focus on Core Hospitality Tasks.

Engage with clients, vendors, and partners under your brand. Automate tasks and accelerate business processes with CICOD interaction workflows.Streamline Data Collection for Hospitality Operations with the Ticketing System, Ensuring Smooth Workflow in the Hospitality Industry. 

Client and Business-Focused CICOD Workflow Manager.

Revamp your client service experience, optimize business operations, and effectively oversee your practice. Deliver an interactive service experience directly accessible to your clients. Simplify and enhance the convenience of conducting business with you. Automate accounting processes and document workflows. Establish triggers, customize tasks, and efficiently manage client processes.

The CICOD Workflow Manager Suite comprises various components such as

Elevate and improve the overall experience for your clients.

Deliver an engaging service experience accessible right from your client’s mobile device. Enhance the convenience of conducting business with you for your clients.

Utilize digital workspaces for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Immerse your clients in dynamic digital workspaces that offer secure messaging, virtual data rooms, collaborative document editing, digital signatures, video meetings, screen sharing, and an array of other interactive features.

Tailor workflows to suit your specific needs and optimize efficiency.

Streamline your accounting processes and document workflows through automation. Establish triggers, customize tasks, and effectively manage client processes for enhanced efficiency.

Gain comprehensive 360° oversight of your operations and activities.

Attain a holistic view of all client interactions, track your firm’s performance against set goals, and monitor staff performance with meticulous detail and accuracy.

Streamline hospitality operations, increase efficiency and improve guest experience

Reservation and Bookings

Workflow automation and streamlined business processes in hospitality enhance reservation and booking processes by eliminating manual tasks, reducing errors, and improving efficiency. Automated systems enable faster check-ins, real-time availability updates, seamless communication, and personalized guest experiences, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Inventory Management

Automation and streamlining of business processes in hospitality enhance inventory management by automating tracking, minimizing stockouts, optimizing ordering, improving accuracy, and providing real-time insights. This leads to efficient inventory control, cost savings, improved forecasting, and better overall operational performance.

Real Time Insights

With a workflow manager, real-time data and analytics enable informed decision-making, allowing businesses to identify trends, optimise resource allocation, and respond quickly to changes in demand. CICOD’s Workflow manager helps you automate all the processes so that you can strategise much more efficiently and take your business to greater heights.


Customer Satisfaction

A workflow manager enhances customer experience in hospitality by efficiently coordinating tasks, automating processes, and optimising service delivery. It ensures seamless check-ins, faster response times, personalized guest interactions, and streamlined operations. This results in improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a more delightful stay for guests.

Powerful interaction workflows, built for the way you manage projects


Create custom digital forms, and streamline your data collection – no coding required.


Automate the approval process in the your workflow.


Setup escalation in the workflow to notify your team when task are not done.

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